SMASH SHERWOOD 5/10km 2024

Sunday 30th June 2024

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Smash through the pines of this Nottinghamshire hidden forest and explore the rugged terrains of these forest tracks. With a variety of long downhills and straights runs you’ll get into a strong constant tempo that will push you to the finish line.

Take on this chip-timed competitive events, challenging yourself against the clock.
JOIN us to SMASH this run in 2024!
Take on the series of chip-timed competitive events, challenging yourself against the clock?
JOIN us to SMASH, CONQUER, DEFEAT and DEFY these runs throughout 2024.
Select your chosen distance; 5K, 10K or Register for the whole Ultimate Run Series! £3 car parking ALL DAY!

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation have teamed up with Forestry England to host this competitive series across the UK.
We’ve struck a deal to gain discounted parking for all runners so, make a day of it with your family and friends at one of these forests!

SMASH SHERWOOD - Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire - Sunday 30th June, *2024* 
CONQUER CANNOCK - Cannock Chase, Staffordshire - Sunday 14th July, *2024*
DEFEAT DELAMERE - Delamere Forest, Cheshire -  15th September *2024*
DEFY DALBY - Dalby Forest, Pickering North Yorkshire - 29th September  *2024*

5Km or 10Km: Enter all 4 or individually. Entering into the series gives you 15% DISCOUNT!

Entry Options - Age 14 & over on Sun 23 Jun 2024
Entries close Sun 23 Jun 2024 10:00
5K Series - Age 14 & over
Available £85.00 Enter
10K - Age 16 & over
Available £30.00 Enter
10K Series - Age 16 & over
Available £105.00 Enter
5K - Age 14 & over
Available £25.00 Enter
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4       Deferrals, Refunds, Cancellations or Alterations.
4.1  Fees are non-refundable. However, if The Event Organiser cancel the event, then a refund is given to the participant. Any NIFTY Registration platform and SWIPE credit/debit card processing fees won’t be refunded to the participant. However, any purchases made through 3rd party sites such as, RunABC, Find a Race, Lets do this etc their refund policy will apply.
4.2  Transfers: On request, The Event Organiser can accommodate transfers between participant to participant or, event to event within the same year. However, no transfers can be made for a different year. Transfers can be completed by the participant through the NIFTY registration platform.
4.3  The Event Organisers reserves the right to change the Date of the Event. If the Participant cannot attend the Event on the new date, they must inform the Event Organisers no later than 4 weeks after the new date is announced to receive a full refund of the Entry Fee. If the Participant doesn’t inform the Event Organisers or does so later than the deadline, they will not be entitled to a refund.
4.4  The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Event due to circumstances beyond the control of the Event Organiser. Participants will be provided with a full refund of their Entry Fee.

Sun 30 Jun 2024 at 09:00
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